Through the eyes of Eunice…

I am posting today’s message through the eyes of Eunice, our team member who was born in China and whose vision got us here…

One remarkable change noted from the first visit in 2010 was that the environment changed dramatically. Children who spent time in their cribs or sat in rooms without anything to occupy them are now out of cribs, playing outside and engaging in activities such as school and general play time. The ICC (International China Concern) brings with them a vision of hope. They focus on supporting the people in the government agency to see the potential of all the children. As Eunice learned last night, each agency is appraised on their success in running an orphanage based on the number of children adopted.

With this agency being so much smaller than those that have normally developing children, this agency does not have as many adoptions per year. And yes, I said adoptions! Last year 11 children were adopted and this year 7 have already been adopted. This is the best news ever and most adoptions are families from the US.

Our work has been focused on teaching and training all the teaching and therapy staff. Without any formal schooling these young men and women find themselves in these positions. It has been a good experience so far. Major topics include sensory processing problems and autism; communication and behavior management. These topics are noted worldwide in all our missions. It is no wonder to us that these
are the areas which are the most challenging to people everywhere. Progress is being made and we are happy.


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